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steroidal nasal sprays and oral an▓ti-inflammatory medicines that are readily avail▓able, while at the same time his laboratory is working on new medications.Dr. Gozal told Panview that in more serious cases: Surgery is "necessary." The children have enlarged adenoids and tonsils that ▓are blocking their airways during sleep. When the surgery

is not sufficient, then children are advised to wear a special mask attached to a positi▓ve airway pressure (PAP) machine to▓ keep their airways open while asleep, but the de▓vices are not convenient for sleeping children. In addition, his group and othe▓r groups around the world are working on other oral appliances that will replace the mask and PAP treatment.No▓netheless, Dr. Xu, Beijing Children's Hospital c▓hief physician, warns that she is meeting too many parents who look

for a fast▓ cure to their child’s sleep apne▓a and they rush them into surgery even without a proper diagnosis, potentially putting their children unnecessarily at risk.Bringing innovation to treat▓mentA child going to surgery places▓ faces a greater risk of harm than an adult would. Although Dr. Gozal noted his patients - children - who undergo surgery are treated with special▓ care when they arrive at his sleep clinic in Chicago, he’s careful to make the right diagn▓osis beforehand.His sleep lab conducts b▓lood and urinary testing, as well as observing the patient in sleep. Mild forms of trea▓tment, such as medicines and other specializ▓ed treatments are fist applied and if proven ineffective, ▓they will move forward to surgery."But▓, it’s my dream that 20 years fr

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om now, we will make ▓so many advances in treating sleep apnea that no child will need to undergo surgery," said Dr. Gozal.He hopes new m


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edicines and treatment programs will be intr▓oduced to the public as sleep study▓ experts develop state-of-the-art cures for children.He

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